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Paint Shop Pro Tutorials -- Transparent GIFs

Create Transparent GIFs with Paint Shop Pro

PSP 5 has got some new, and very powerful, features. With this power have come some changes, though. A few of these changes are different enough to throw people off. As a result, a number of readers have e-mailed me asking how they can save a GIF image with the transparency feature active under version 5.x of PSP. Here's how it's done:

Open a new image (or an existing one if you'd like to remove its background).

Create the image you want. I'll just use this stylized ampersand (see figure 22.1).

figure 22.1
figure 22.1

There are a couple of things you must do before you can activate the transparency option:

You first have to decrease the color resolution to 256 or less. Choose Colors, Decrease Color Depth, 256-Colors (8-bit). If you have more than one layer you'll be warned that you must flatten the image first. You can do this by clicking "Yes" in the warning message box.

Set the options you want to use in the Decrease Color Depth dialog box and click OK.

Set the current background color to the color you want to become transparent. You can set the current background color by clicking on the background color swatch and choosing a color from the color picker. Alternately you can select the Dropper tool and right-click on the image on the color you want to set the background color to. This is a great way to select the color you'd like to be transparent.

Choose Colors, Set Palette Transparency.

In the dialog box that appears, select Set the Transparency Value to the Current Background Color and click OK.

You can, in this version, even preview the transparency.

Choose Colors, View Palette Transparency (see figure 22.2).

figure 22.2
figure 22.2

All that's left is to save your image as a GIF.

That's it.... Be sure to check out some of our other Paint Shop Pro tutorials.

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