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Corel (JASC) Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Newest tutorials listed first...

Brighter, Whiter Smiles

Brighter, whiter smiles for your digital portraitsThis lesson demonstrates how to whiten the smile of any digital portrait subject. It also shows you the ins-and-outs of making selections with the Magic Wand tool, how to save and load selections, and how to use the Hue/Saturation/Lightness tool. This tutorial will definitely ramp up your Paint Shop Pro photo-editing skills!

Snap Art Alien Skin Software's Snap Art

A review of Alien Skin's Snap ArtRead our review to see how you can use this amazing new Photoshop Plug-in to create everything from comics to fine art using your own digital photographs. software reviews, Snap Art.

Red Eye Removal

Red-eye RemovalThis lesson explores Paint Shop Pro's powerful Red Eye Removal tool and shows you how to get the most from its various settings and options. This is a must see tutorial for any digital photographer.

Watermarking Photographs

Add a Digital Watermark to Your PhotosThis technique demonstrates how to add a visible watermark to protect your photographs and other images that you display on your web pages You'll need Paint Shop Pro 5 for this technique.

Magic of Masks

The Magic of MasksIt's been a while in coming but this "Magic of Masks ver. 5" tutorial is worth waiting for! Learn how to use masks in the latest version of Paint Shop Pro.

Transparent GIFs

Create Transparent GIFsThis technique demonstrates how to create transparent GIFs in Paint Shop Pro 5. This is done differently in the newest version of Paint Shop Pro. Once you see the trick, though, you'll find it easy to do!

Layers Primer (A Must See Tutorial)

Learn to Use LayersThis technique demonstrates the new layers feature in Paint Shop Pro 5. Using a 3D button you can see how textures can be added through the use of layers to give a polished, professional-quality to your images. You shouldn't miss this one!

Photographic Edges (A Must See Tutorial)

Learn to Create Custom Edges for Your PhotosThis technique demonstrates how masks and a little patience can yield some really cool results. Using just the tools at hand you can add professional-looking edges to your photos. You'll love this one!

3D brushed metal buttons

Create 3D Brushed Metal ButtonsA new twist on an old idea. This technique adds a really nice polished metal look to the 3D buttons you've seen demonstrated in earlier tutorials. Try colorizing these for a unique set of buttons for your site.

Steel Plate and Screws (A Must See Tutorial)

Create a Steel Plate with ScrewsAt this point you should be ready to start putting the pieces of an interface together. This tutorials shows you how to draw a metal plate with slotted screws. Just add text, stir, and bring to a boil... voila instant interface!

Page Curl

Create a Page Curl EffectYou've seen this effect used before and thought that maybe you needed an expensive plug-in to accomplish the effect, right? Well here's how you can create a neat curled page corner using only the built-in functions of Paint Shop Pro.

Advanced Masks Made Simple (A Must See Tutorial)

Advanced Masks Made SimpleThis technique demonstrates the true power of masks. In this tutorial you'll see how to remove a person from a photo and place them against a new background!

Yahoo!TM Style Buttons

Create Yahoo! Style ButtonsWe had so many requests for these that we had to stop by Yahoo (being the nerds we are we prefer AltaVista) and see what all the fuss was about. Granted, their buttons are pretty cool. Here's how you can replicate them.

Magic of Masks--ver 4.12

The Magic of MasksThis popular technique has been updated to take into account the advanced features of Paint Shop Pro 4.xx.

Gold Text

Create Gold TextNext to drop shadows and 3D buttons, this is one of the most asked for techniques. Using the built-in features of Paint Shop Pro you can create gold (text that is...).

Textured Spheres

Create Textured SpheresUsing a little arithmetic magic (provided by Paint Shop Pro... you won't need your calculator for this one) you can create 3D textured spheres.

Colored Spheres

Create Colored SpheresThis technique is a great way to create 3D-looking buttons and bullets. After creating a few of these you should move on the next tutorial where you'll learn how to add textures to the spheres.

Cool Chrome

Create Cool Chrome TextProbably one of the most "borrowed" tutorials I've written. This one has turned out to be a favorite among even some professional designers. This techniques yields some pretty convincing chrome text.

Gold Buttons and Bars with Alien Skin

Create Gold ButtonsAlthough these techniques need Alien Skin's Black Box or Eye Candy plug-ins they offer a glimpse at how many of the graphics were created for one of the incarnations of GrafX Design. These techniques helped us win a number of web design awards. Give them a look!

EZ Embossed Text

Create EZ Embossed TextYou may have seen this text used on some of the bigger magazine sites, on recent T.V. commercials, and more. It's so easy to do, though, that you may end up scratching your head at the end and wondering if you missed something. Don't worry you probably didn't!

EZ Bevelled Text

Create EZ Bevelled TextThis trick is so cool that even the staff at Jasc Software (originators of Paint Shop Pro) was amazed when I showed them this one!

See Through Text

Create See-Through TextThe Adobe Photoshop manual refers to this as an advanced technique. Discover how you can easily create this effect using Paint Shop Pro.

Transparent GIFs

Create Transparent GIFsThis is one of the most asked about techniques on the web today. How's this magic performed? How do you get part of your image to disappear? Find out here!

The Magic of Masks

Use the Magic of MasksOnce you master masks you'll be able to do real magic with your imaging software. This is one of the most powerful techniques you can learn!

Making Selections for Special Effects

Making Selections for Special EffectsDid you ever wonder how they do those cool effects where part of an image is in color and the rest is in black & White? Well wonder no more. Here's how it can be done.

Drop Shadow Text Tutorial

Create Drop Shadow TextAh... the ubiquitous drop shadow. What would web page text be like without it? Probably flat and 2-dimensional, that's what.

3D-Button Tutorial

Create 3D Web ButtonsThe one that got this whole mess started. I looked over at my stereo's buttons and thought "Hey these would make cool buttons for web pages"... the rest, as they say, is history.

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