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Free tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements,
Corel DRAW!, Paint Shop Pro, Xara Xtreme Pro & More...


Use your graphics software to its fullest. Whether you're a new Photoshop or Xara Xtreme user or an experienced Paint Shop Pro or Corel DRAW! user you can learn to create stunning web graphics, real-world drawings or illustrations (such as the guitar seen below) or bring out the perfection in your digital photographs which will be compatible with any image hosting... see our list of tutorial subjects below to help you get started!

Quick Tutorial Links:

Photoshop Quick Tip Videos
Check out our new Photoshop Quick Tip Videos.

Newest Tutorials

NEW! Photoshop Quick Tip Videos

Photoshop Quick Tip VideosEveryone loves a quickie, especially if the quickies are free Quick Tip Videos for Photoshop. Our "Quickies" are short, web-based videos (approx. 2 minutes, or less) that highlight some neat trick or time-saving tip for Adobe Photoshop. Go ahead and check them out... you know you want to :)


Master Photoshop's Clone Stamp Tool

Master Photoshop's Clone Stamp ToolUnravel the mysteries of Photoshop's most powerful tool... This Photoshop CS2 tutorial will demonstrate how you can use the Clone Stamp tool to remove unwanted objects in any photo.


Create a Desktop or Printable Calendar

Create a Desktop or Printable CalendarHarness the power of Photoshop Elements and let your creativity drive you. This tutorial will show you how easy it can be to create beautiful photo-based calendars with Photoshop Elements

Xara Xtreme

Real World Objects - Guitar - Part 2

Illustrating a Guitar part 2This Xtreme Pro illustration tutorial builds on the prveious one. This time around the guitar body will have some depth added through the use of an added highlight (created using a graduated transparency effect)... Check out this tutorial to see how easy it is to give objects some dimensionality, making your illustrations appear more realistic.

Paint Shop Pro

Brighter, Whiter Smiles

Brighter, whiter smiles for your digital portraitsThis lesson demonstrates how to whiten the smile of any digital portrait subject. It also shows you the ins-and-outs of making selections with the Magic Wand tool, how to save and load selections, and how to use the Hue/Saturation/Lightness tool. This tutorial will definitely ramp up your Paint Shop Pro photo-editing skills!

Most Popular Tutorials


Advanced Masking Techniques made simple

Advanced Masking Techniques made simpleUse these advanced techniques, presented in our easy-to-follow style, to help you isolate portions of your digital photographs.

Digital Watermarking

Digital WatermarkingLearn how to embed a copyright message in your digital photographs.

Photoshop Elements

Replacing a Background

Replace a photo's backgroundIt may seem to be quite an undertaking to completely replace the background in a digital photograph, but this lesson will guide you through the process and have you creating wonderful composites in no time.

Corel DRAW!

Animated Logos

Create an animated logoAnimated GIFs with Corel DRAW!? No way!... Way! Give it a try and see how easy it is to animate your logo.

Creating Complex Shapes

Create complex shapesDrawing circles, squares, triangles , etc. is easy with a vector program. How do you combine these shapes to create something more complex, though? Follow this tutorial and you'll see how easy it can be to create just about any shape you need.

Paint Shop Pro

Red Eye Removal

Red-eye RemovalThis lesson explores Paint Shop Pro's powerful Red Eye Removal tool and shows you how to get the most from its various settings and options. This is a must see tutorial for any digital photographer.

Transparent GIFs

Create Transparent GIFsThis technique demonstrates how to create transparent GIFs in Paint Shop Pro 5. This is done differently in the newest version of Paint Shop Pro. Once you see the trick, though, you'll find it easy to do!

All Tutorial Topics

Adobe Photoshop tutorials

Adobe's Photoshop. The undisputed photo-editing champ... Knowledge of how this software works is essential if you're working with digital photographs. GrafX Design offers a growing number of Photoshop lessons that will help you improve your digital photo-editing skills.

Some people think Adobe Photoshop is overkill for producing web graphics. We couldn't live without it! Virtually all of the images on this site, and any others we've created, are done with Photoshop. Be sure to check out our newest Adobe Photoshop CS2 tutorials.

All of our Photoshop tutorials can be found here.

*NEW* Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorials

Adobe's Photoshop Elements is a powerful, fun-to-use program that's as easy on the budget as it is to use. As with any software, though, there's some digging required to gain the full benefits. That's where GrafX-Design's Photoshop Elements tutorials come in. We'll help you learn the best techniques so that you can concentrate on creating your best images.

Follow this link to see all of our Photoshop Elements tutorials.

*NEW* Xara Xtreme/Xtreme Pro tutorials

Xara Xtreme Pro is an amazing illustration program that offers features and ease-of-use that are light years ahead of its competitors. After installing the software, it took only a couple of hours to create the quitar illustration pictured at the top of this page. Find out how you can create amazing logos, web graphics and even real-world objects using this cool, easy-to-use software. You can read our Xara Xtreme illustration tutorials here.

Corel DRAW! tutorials

Corel DRAW! Our main choice for creating the shapes we use in templates and interfaces. This powerful illustration program is amazing! Find out how we perform some of the digital tricks you see here at GrafX Design.

Paint Shop Pro tutorials

Okay so Corel's (formerly Jasc Software Inc.'s) Paint Shop Pro can't do all of the things that Adobe Photoshop can... but at the price it's pretty hard to beat! We've created, and seen others create, some amazing images with this inexpensive powerhouse. Michael has written up some Paint Shop Pro techniques here that you won't believe. Be sure to check out our new Paint Shop Pro Photo XI tutorials! And we'll be adding more as quickly as we can get them written up, so check back often.

General web graphics tutorials

Do you need to find out about dithering, anti-aliasing, or color? You've come to the right place, then. Check out these easy-to-follow, plain-english, explanations.

Animated GIF tutorials

Small GearsSure there are hundreds of sites out there with hundreds of free animated GIFs, but can you ever really find the exact animation you had in mind? Are you tired of visiting site after site with the promise of finding exactly the right animated GIF for your pages? Why not create your own? Here's how!

*NEW* Editorials

Choosing the Right 'Tech' BookOur editor likes... actually he loves to rant. Usually we just ignore him, but every so often he really makes sense. In those cases, we take notes and we have recently decided to share some of his best rants. The first editorial, "Choosing the Right 'Tech' Book" is a must read for anyone that buys technical books.


Here's a sampling of what some of GrafX Design's visitors are writing to us in recent emails...

Hi - I would just like to thank you for your tutorials that you provide. Usually I find alot of people's tutorials complicated, but yours are great, easy to understand and follow - thank you for being so acurate on all of your steps! I found them most helpful, and will return to this site in the future! :)
I just wanted to let you know that I found your site last night while trying to take an online assessment of my photoshop skills. Thanks to you I passed my test. Now I've come back to your site to actually learn what you are teaching.
Thank you so much.
First, I would like to thank you for, not only your article, but, for your straight forward, easy to understand method of writing. I have bookmarked it and will get back to it for consumption later today. The reason that I am writing to you is that I have been searching for articles and tutorials that will help a 58 year old photographer make the transition from the wet darkroom to the digital age. Many years of working with film, that I love, and now digital makes a tough transition for some of us not raised in the digital age. Anti-Aliasing and aliasing are terms that held mystery for me when I started trying to understand Photoshop and all that is surrounding that medium. You have simplified it and made it perfectly understandable. This is a departure from what I consider the overwrought " see, I have expertise and a large ego" writing that permeates other tutorials I have tried to study.

Thank you and please let me know if you have other articles on the boil. Gratefully,
TCrowe-Glen Ellen Photography

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Current Favorites

Here's of list of our most popular graphics tutorials:

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Quick Mask Have you ever wanted to do a little cutting and pasting and make it look as if your head was on someone else's body? Read more....

Corel (JASC)
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Transparent GIFs This technique demonstrates how to create transparent GIFs in Paint Shop Pro Read more....

Xara Xtreme Pro Tutorials

Illustrating a Guitar - Part 1 It may seem to be quite an undertaking to create a realistic illustration of something like an electric guitar, but I wanted to challenge the ease-of-use of this software. Read more....

Corel DRAW! Tutorials

Creating Complex Shapes Drawing circles, squares, triangles , etc. is easy with a vector program. How do you combine these shapes to create something more complex, though? Follow this tutorial and you'll see how easy it can be to create just about any shape you need. Read more....

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Photoshop Plugins
AlienSkin Software - They will never wear suits! We've been using AlienSkin's Photoshop Plug-ins for over a decade and they are still our favorites.


Photoshop Plugins

Xara 3D

Create amazing, high-quality 3D graphics easily!

Read our review of Xara 3D 6 or click the graphic below to download a free trial version.

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